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Hydro in Ontario

Hydro and more specifically in the province of seems to be a common theme on my site. From the cost of hydro to the little add on's on your bill such as the debt retirement charge. There always seems to be something that angers me with the management as well as the rates in this province. 

Over the past few months there have been numerous complains from users across Ontario of the soaring hydro bills, with little to no sympathy or very basic customer service to help these individuals. A quick search in Google or on YouTube and you will find an endless supply of complaints about Hydro in Ontario. 

So here we are with Bob Chiarelli now announcing new measures to help low income families. But first, he makes another grand announcement, the debt retirement charge will be no more as of January 2016. What a great idea. I've been hoping for this since I moved to Ontario. Paying for someone's debt who swindled the money away. Great another $5 savings on my monthly bill that I have been trying so hard to minimize.

Oh, ya, wait a second. Good ol Bobby also announces that a new charge will be included on these bills to help cover the cost of a new program to help low income earners with their Hydro. AND.... on top of that this charge should be no more than $10 monthly. So let me get this right, we are presented the grand announcement that the Debt Retirement Charge will be no more, saving households about $5 a month but also adding a new charge of $10 a month. So instead of me saving an extra fin, I am now losing and extra fin. Slowly this fish is dying a death of a 1000 cuts. 



I 100% support the cause to help low income earners with their Hydro bills but this seems like story of lets rob Peter to pay Paul. There has to be a better way. But maybe there is not considering the mismanagement of Hydro in Ontario in the last 30+ years. 


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