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Some of you may be aware that I am a fan of Google. As I sit here and look at my screen I notice I have five tabs open in my browser. Four of those five tabs are Google products that I use most days. I thought I would give a quick run down on these and how Google is slowly getting its hands into everything.

Tab : iGoogle
iGoogle is a Google product much like your start or jumping off page for your browser. I can sign in with my Google account and add items to the page that I want to see on a daily basis. Some of these gadgets or items that I have included on my page are: Gmail, Calendar, RSS reader, and Finance. Go visit iGoogle and add and create the best start page for yourself from their thousands of items that you can add. I must add that all of those gadgets I have on my page are Google gadgets to pull from Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Reader and Google Finance.

Tab # 2: Gmail
If you have never used Gmail for your email, your being left behind. Google was the first to offer 1GB of free email storage and now their up to somewhere around 7 or 8GB free. Gmail is easy to use and has allot of customization options to make it look and feel the way you want it to.

Tab : Google Music Beta
This one is a fairly new Google product, since it was only announced in May and it still in a U.S. Beta invite only stage. But there is a way around all of that, I will explain later. Google Music is a online music storage service that allows you to upload your entire* music library and have access to it anywhere. When say entire music library I mean there is a 20,000 song limit. I have so far uploaded about 5000 songs with the easy to use music manager and I can now access all of my music from the web or my Android powered phone. Right now the service is only open to the U.S. but if you know how to use the software called Hot Spot Shield you can connect to a U.S. based proxy and I can send you one of my 4 invites. Once you sign up with the invite through a U.S. proxy, you can than access it anywhere without using a proxy.

Tab : Google+
Google+ is Google's newest addition to its product line. Google+ is a social network much like Facebook but with many superior features. Circles: Circles allow you to only share certain information with certain people. Some of my circles include: Family, Friends and Work. I can add people to these circles and only share certain posts and images with who I want to be able to see it. Hangouts: Hangouts is much like Skype but better. Hangouts allow you to have a video conference but not only one on one but you can have up to 10 people in one video conference. With Skype someone must pay for the service to get more that one on one chat. This works great with families that want to meet online for special events like Christmas, birthdays and such. Google is promising many great features with Google+ and they are making improvements daily and integrating Google+ with all of their other products. Google+ is still also in Beta invite only but you can sign-up here with one of my 150 invites.

And all of those tabs are open in Google's browser Chrome. One of the fastest browsers available on the market. It is also good for security and segregates threats within each tab, so if anything happens only that tab will crash.

There you have it  four out of five tabs in my browser are all Google products plus the Google browser Chrome. And if you must know the fifth tab was Blogger where I am writing this blog, so since Blogger is also owned by Google, that makes it five out of five tabs.

I will touch on some other Google products I use at a later date.... Stay tuned.

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