LED's and the power to save - Part 2

Last October I replaced 38 pot lights in our new house with low wattage LED's and got quite a significant decrease in hydro usage (LED's and the power to save part one) but these 38 bulbs did not even account for 50% of the bulbs in the house. Recently Save on introduced some spring coupons to be applied to different power saving items that you can replace in your house, one of these coupons were $5 off , single or multi packs. Canadian Tire had a sale that had the $5 off coupon applied at time of sale for qualifying items. One of these items were single LED's for $7.99 with out the discount or $2.99 with the discount, which worked out to about $4.00 per bulb tax included and coupon applied. 

Canadian Tire LED Bulbs

I purchased 45 of these bulbs in total so I would have enough to replace all remaining bulbs inside and outside for a total initial cost of $180.00. It is a large upfront investment for bulbs but if they have the same or better savings as I have seen with the 38 halogen bulbs than it will be worth while. 

It has now been one week since replacing these bulbs. Though it is a small sample size, I decided to crunch some numbers from our hydro usage of the last week compared to random samples throughout the last year. As expected there has been a noticeable reduction in the hydro usage. 

Hourly Reduction Daily Reduction Estimated Monthly Reduction Estimated Yearly Reduction
0.10 kWh 2.4 kWh 72 kWh 864 kWh

These numbers work out to about a 12% reduction of hydro usage per month. When you tally up the cost of hydro as well as other fees included in the bill at a cost per kWh, we will be looking at an additional savings of between $20 - $30 a month. Add this over a year and we are looking at 

Monthly Savings Yearly Savings Bulb Lifetime Savings (10 years)
$20.00 $240.00 $2400.00

These estimates do not include the increase of hydro usage over the coming years, but the savings are sure to be much more, making the initial $180.00 investment well worth it.

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