LED's and the power to save

When we moved into our new house back at the end of April, there was something that I noticed that I did not notice prior to purchasing, though we still would have moved forward with the move. The thing that I noticed was there were 38 pot lights in the house. Yes, you read that right "THIRTY EIGHT". 

Now from my past experience with at the last house and the high cost of such in , I knew that 38 halogens would not be doing anything good for our monthly hydro bill. So I done a bit of research as follows: 1 - 50w Halogen bulb uses on average of about $20.00 a year to run not including replacement costs, where 1 - 9w costs about $3.00 a year to run. 

  Cost per year Bulbs Total
Halogen $20.00 38 $760.00
LED $3.00 38 $60.00


A total savings of $700 a year.

Now once I had crunched these basic numbers it was onto replacing the halogens with some LED's which I soon found out it cost much more for a LED bulb than it did a halogen. Stores here in Ottawa such as Home Depot or Lowes were selling 10 halogen for around $20 but for once LED it was $10. So it was going to get quite expensive to replace all thirty eight. So onto eBay I went to find what I needed at a cost of $20 per 10. I replaced the bulbs at the end of September and let a couple of months pass. Below is the usage for the past few months.


As you can see there has been a dip of about 90kWh per month which is a 12% savings on the bill. It do not seem like much and it don't seem to add up to my initial estimates but it does work out to about $25.00 - $30.00 a month or $300 - $360 a year. But if you take in to account that LED's will last about 20 years where a halogen may last 6 months, here is further in your pocket. 

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